Teaching with Third Millennium Ministries' Curriculum

Many pastors, missionaries and teachers regularly teach in places that could benefit from Third Millennium Ministries' curriculum. If you have an upcoming missions trip or teaching opportunity, here are some ways you can help your audience learn to use our multimedia lessons:

  • Watch or listen to the lessons yourself ahead of time, then present the lessons to your class in video or audio format. Make sure to take study guides for everyone in the class. Consider leaving behind a copy of the materials for their repeated use after you have left.
  • In settings where video and audio presentations aren't efficient, familiarize yourself with the video and complete your study guide. Then use your completed study guide as a teaching outline. You may also want to provide study guides to your students. Consider leaving behind a copy of the multimedia lessons and study guides for their future use, in the event that video presentations should become possible for them.
  • Introduce your students to the materials by showing them how to view the multimedia lessons and how to use the study guides. Then provide them with materials for them to use on their own after you have left.
  • If your trip or teaching opportunity qualifies under our reproduction policy, make and distribute additional copies of our DVDs. Also remind your students that they can make and distribute extra copies as well. Don't forget the study guides!
  • Consider using more than one of the approaches listed above. Present one series to the class, but leave additional series behind for them to study on their own after you have left. Remember that Third Millennium Ministries provides free copies of our DVD series for missions use. If your trip is to a location outside the United States, Western Europe and Australia, make sure to use our Third Millennium Ministries Curriculum Request Form to obtain a free copy of the lessons you will need. If your trip does not qualify for free materials, or if you simply want to cover our cost in providing you with materials, please purchase the DVD series or entire completed curriculum-to-date that you need using the same form.

Make sure you also read our helpful tips on how to use the seminary curriculum in classroom, small group and individual settings.