Q&A Knowledgebase: About the Answers

What is Reformed Answers?

Reformed Answers is a topically arranged collection of answers to real questions about the Bible, theology, and Christian history that we have received from visitors to our various websites.

Who Writes the Answers?

Answers are provided by the staff of Third Millennium Ministries under the oversight of Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr. (Th.D., Harvard; Professor of Old Testament, RTS, Orlando; General Editor of The NIV Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible), Ra McLaughlin (M.Div., RTS, Orlando; Associate General Editor of The NIV Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible); and Rev. Joseph R. Nally (M.Div., RTS, Orlando, Fl.; Theological Editor at IIIM). Additional contributors include Dr. John Frame (Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, RTS, Orlando; Theological Editor of The NIV Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible) and various seminary students. Most answers provide the name of the author at the bottom of the page.

History of Reformed Answers

We began providing online and email answers to theological, biblical and historical questions about Christianity in 1998. Initially, the answers were provided in the Q&A Knowledge Base of our main site Third Millennium Ministries. We still publish questions and answers there, and the same content found on this site is mirrored there.

Purpose of Reformed Answers

Reformed Answers exists to minister to Christians in the internet community, as well as to provide missions and evangelism outreach to unbelievers around the world. It is our goal to help Christianity compete for the hearts and minds of the worldwide internet community, and to ensure that Reformed perspectives on theology, history and biblical studies are represented on the web.

About the Publisher

Reformed Answers is published by Third Millennium Ministries (IIIM). Our doctrinal standards are the Westminster Confession of Faith, together with its Shorter and Larger Catechisms. For more information, please visit About IIIM.