Biblical Education. For the World. For Free.

Third Millennium Ministries is committed to keeping biblical education free. We believe that advanced biblical education is an extension of the gospel, and that the gospel should not be sold. We affirm and promote traditional seminaries and Bible colleges that charge tuition for their services. We especially applaud those that make their course materials freely available to the public.

In accordance with this philosophy, every resource on our website is provided absolutely free of charge. The only things we sell in our eStore are DVDs and USBs of our curriculum, and we only charge enough to cover our expenses (including the item itself, and the shipping and handling).

Naturally, while these resources are free to the end user, they are not free to produce. We depend entirely on the financial gifts of our end users and other supporters to fund the production of these resources. If you find this website useful, please consider making a contribution to our continuing work.