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What practical implications can we draw from the fact that God the Son participated in creating the universe?
The fact that God the Son participated in creating the universe is very important for us because we have a personal relationship with him as our Lord and Savior, but our Savior is not somebody who has saved us from the world — you know, as if we are being taken out of the world — he has saved us so that we should live in the world in the right way. Because this world is the world that he has created. And because it belongs to him, it also belongs to us because we belong to him. And therefore, of course, it's very important for our understanding of our own calling before God, of the way that we are supposed to live in the world, that the God, whom we know in Jesus Christ, the one whom we relate to, is the one who has the power and the authority and who has given us the privilege of sharing in his control and his government of the world. And so, therefore, it's extremely important that our relationship with him also gives us the knowledge and the freedom and the authority to live in his world in the way that he wants us to. So, it's a very important thing.

Answer by Dr. Gerald Bray

Gerald Bray is a minister in the Church of England and has published many scholarly articles and books, including The Doctrine of God in the Contours of Christian Theology series (of which he is also the general editor) and Biblical Interpretation: Past and Present.