Only One Redeemer

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Are there other redeemers than God the Son?
There are no other redeemers than God the Son, because God the Son, Jesus Christ, came to redeem the whole world. Now, if there was another redeemer, you would have to ask, "What would he do? Why would he be necessary?" If he was better than Jesus, we would ask, "Well, then in that case, why have Jesus?" Why would we not turn to someone who was better? If he was not as good, of course there would be no need for that either. And Jesus said that he came, you know, for the world, for the sins of the… he died for the sins of the whole world. And we are all equal in this respect. We all have the same redeemer, and therefore, the same salvation. And so, it's very important that every person in the world has an equal opportunity to know God in Jesus Christ, and because we all have the same redeemer, we know the same God in the same way, so there is no discrimination in favor of one as opposed to another. So, I think it's a very important thing that there should be only one redeemer available to everyone.

Answer by Dr. Gerald Bray

Gerald Bray is a minister in the Church of England and has published many scholarly articles and books, including The Doctrine of God in the Contours of Christian Theology series (of which he is also the general editor) and Biblical Interpretation: Past and Present.